Rerum Novarum’s alternative investment structure allows investors and business owners to maintain a balance between capital and community. We facilitate longer-term, “patient” investment capital with no expectation of “flipping” companies for gain. We source our capital from those interested in seeking attractive, regular returns by investing in enduringly profitable, stable, small-to-midsize companies that are often the foundations of their local communities and parishes. We make our investments with businesses who share that interest in supporting the work of the Catholic Church through their stewardship and leadership.


Our investments are structured with patient capital and provide an attractive regular current income stream and an equity stake, without "flipping" businesses, which can be detrimental to employees and the community.

This is different than the typical private equity model which provides very little or no cash return to investors until the portfolio is liquidated in 7-10 years.

Business Sellers

Our sources of capital will provide the means to monetize a lifetime’s work while leaving a business in a strong position for long-term viability, improving the odds that employees and the community at large will benefit from the company’s continued operations.

This is different from the typical private equity model which changes a company’s culture, over-emphasizes short-term efficiencies, and loosens (or even severs) its ties to the community following an acquisition.

Business Buyers 

Our capital comes from patient investors interested in supporting the next generation of business owners as they acquire and build stable businesses that are long-term members of the community.

This is different from the private equity model which focuses solely on re-selling the business within a five-to-seven-year window, with little regard to the long-term health and intergenerational value of the business or the community.

Growth Capital

Our investments can help the companies that have historically provided jobs and philanthropic support to the community to expand and grow.

This is different from the standard private equity model which is focused on the short-term profit that can be realized through the sale of the business within five to seven years.