You’ve been blessed.  Blessed with the opportunity to make decisions as to where and how best to deploy the capital and invest the resources at your disposal.  You know that the outsized returns that seem to be available through private equity offerings often come with a cost – a cost borne by the communities and the employees of the acquired business.

As a Catholic business man or woman doing your best to live an integrated life, you may already know about and follow the principles and strategies that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops uses to guide its own role as an economic actor: to do no harm, to be active in corporate decision making, and to undertake positive strategies to promote the common good.

But you also know that so many of the investments pitched to the Catholic investor are exclusionary in nature and simply try to avoid investments in businesses engaged in manufacturing products or providing services considered immoral, rather than positively identifying companies that support the common good.

Rerum Novarum offers a positive alternative, supporting the small to midsized businesses that are the financial engines of their communities with a private equity business transition model that facilitates longer-term investment of capital with no expectation of “flipping” companies for gain.  Our investments are also structured to provide a regular current income stream.

Investments managed by Rerum Novarum Capital are only open to persons and entities who qualify as “accredited investors” within the meaning of the Securities Act of 1933 and the regulations promulgated thereunder, and may only be made by a subscription agreement after submission of an investor questionnaire and other information requested by Rerum Novarum Capital. If you are an accredited investor, we encourage you to contact us using the form below.