Growth Capital

Access to reasonable, affordable capital is critical in any size business, but in the small to mid-sized businesses that are the economic engines of their communities, the inability to access capital for growth usually translates into lost employment opportunities as well.

Often banks may be unwilling to loan money to cover the full cost of an expansion project, or may be only willing to do so if additional equity capital is raised. Rerum Novarum understands these challenges and welcomes inquiries from business owners seeking equity and mezzanine debt capital to finance growth opportunities.

Preferred investment candidates are businesses that generate between $500,0000 and $5 million in EBITDA and which share our investors' desire to support Catholic philanthropic projects. Typical investment levels are between $500,000 and $3 million, and we seek long term investments (10 years or more) with an expectation of reasonable current cash returns, allowing the operating companies to run sustainable businesses that benefit their employees and their community on a long-term, intergenerational basis.

Rerum Novarum can provide capital support for business owners/operators in almost any industry, so long as the business is not engaged in activities contrary to the moral teaching of the Catholic faith.

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