Rerum Novarum Capital provides capital support to business buyers and sellers of the small to middle market businesses that are the financial engines of their communities.

Rerum Novarum provides attractive investment opportunities for investors who appreciate how these enduringly profitable small to mid-sized businesses are the bedrock of local communities.

Rerum Novarum is an affiliate of SISPE Capital Management and uses SISPE’s unique Social Impact Sustainable Private Equity model to provide an attractive opportunity for business people to follow their conscience – and the teaching of their Catholic faith – when they buy, sell, or invest in small to mid-size businesses.


We believe that if more businesses are owned within a community and support a community, the community is stronger.

We believe in a model of private equity that can offer attractive returns for investors while also providing good jobs for members of the community, support for the community’s institutions, and long term stability of the portfolio companies.



“Rerum Novarum” was the name of an encyclical (or teaching letter) issued in the late 1800’s by Pope Leo XIII.  The letter defines the right relationships between workers and their employers, the rich and the poor, the economic system and the people who live within it.  “Rerum Novarum” means “revolutionary change” and with his encyclical, Pope Leo emphasized the dignity of the human person, and provided foundational social justice teaching for Christian faithful.

Honoring that teaching, Rerum Novarum Capital proposes a revolutionary change in how capital can serve the businesses and persons who make up the communities that further the mission of the Catholic Church.

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